New Year Resolutions Packs & Victor's Medal Sale

2017 is finally here! The New Year Resolution Packs give players the thermo clothing to survive the cold days until 2017 gets hot and rockin. Oh yeah!


The New Year Packs will be on sale from January 18th to February 1st. Inside you will find a range of marvels, including an electric guitar, winter thermal suit and game valuables and currency at a huge discount.
Difficult choice? So why don't you get both? All the benefits from the "New Year Resolution Packs" are waiting for you! By purchasing it, you not only get both sets immediately, but you will save more than 50% on in-game values. Don't miss this offer!


To view the complete details or to purchase the New Year Resolution Packs, visit our dedicated packs page!

Remember, the Resolution Packs will be available until February 1st.

30% Victor's Medal Discount Sale

Looking to expand the full potential of your Trophy Hall? We’re here to help make it a little easier with our Victor’s Medals discount sale.

From January 18th until January 25th, Victor’s Medals will be 30% off on the Market for all players.

Victor’s Medals are used for various aspects of the Trophy Hall that can increase the amount of might your Bastions provide, provide access to abilities, and many other possibilities.

Don’t let the opportunity slip by – stock up on your Victor’s Medals today!