New year in Skyforge

Dear friends!

The year 2018 is nearly over. Each of us will remember this year in their own way. Today we are going to share the brightest moments we experienced this year in Skyforge.

Tessa, the Goddess of Nature, came back to Aelion at the start of the year. Her loyal followers, the Grovewalkers, gave us hope for the better world. Many heroes joined her in pursuit of the great power of nature.

The season four of the Pantheon war is still going strong! The winner is yet to be determined and those will carry their Pantheon Banners proudly in the battles of season five.


PvP mode saw remarkable changes mid-year. We launched the major update Gods at War, followed by the Battle Royale a bit later. The revised PvP rewards became more attractive, and Battle Royale gave you a whole new gaming experience!

Having fought the countless battles, the immortals had a chance to relax and unwind during the summer event Warm Breeze. Some of them, however, decided to skip the holiday, and complete all available Skyforge challenges instead.

However, the invasion threat persists. Heroes are facing the invaders on the daily basis. Thanks to the new allies, we're not only pushing the enemies back—we're planning a visit to their own planet! May the force of the Soundweaver's music be with you! May it strengthen you for the challenges to come! May all your dreams come true! Keep your eyes on the victory, and may you never taste the bitterness of defeat!

We will see you on Aelion in 2019!