Nightmares in Distortions

It's time to get ready for some serious battles!

With the start of the Oceanid Season, you will face new, challenging trials designed for the most experienced Immortals. Get ready to face Nightmares in Distortions!

Once the next Season launches, all Distortions will receive a new Nightmare difficulty. It is designed for experienced players familiar with the mechanics of bosses and ready for more serious challenges. To unlock Nightmares, you must first successfully complete the corresponding Distortion on Normal difficulty, after which the first level of Nightmare will become available. If you are confident in your abilities and want to try out higher-ranking Nightmares straight away, you can join Immortals who already have the corresponding rank unlocked. In this case, if you successfully finish this Adventure, all previous Nightmare ranks will automatically become available to you.

What are the dangers of Nightmares in Distortions?

Each distortion has three ranks of Nightmare difficulty. With each rank, the challenges will become more and more serious. Bosses will gain more health and become significantly stronger, the time to complete the adventure will become shorter, and players will face new Maledictions. The higher the rank of the Nightmare, the more Maledictions will be activated. Some of them may affect the boss, changing their skills or even adding new ones. Others will affect your Immortal or general Distortion mechanics, such as preventing Immortals from changing Classes, reducing certain types of damage, or even prohibiting the use of healing items and Healing Orbs.

It's worth noting that, unlike regular Nightmares, the Distortions will have the same Maledictions throughout the Season, so you'll have time to figure out their mechanics and get through all the Adventures.


Rewards for Nightmares

As you progress through the Distortions on different difficulty levels, you'll earn Achievements, rewarded with a special currency: the Strategist's Seal (name not final and may change by release). It will allow you to automatically complete Directives while earning their rewards! Please note that this is not a one-time reward: once you get an Achievement, the number of Seals corresponding to it will be credited weekly until the end of the Season!

The number of Seals that can be earned depends on the number of Distortions completed on different difficulty levels. A maximum of eight Seals can be earned per week if you manage to complete all Distortions on all Nightmare levels.

We hope that these challenges will appeal to Immortals and allow them to reach new heights and new powers. After the release, we will keep an eye on how these changes play out and may make some edits if needed. Be sure to leave your feedback and comments about the new system on Discord!

Prepare to face your Nightmares!