The Oceanid invasion is underway!


The great god's plans have not changed: he still intends to occupy the depths of our ocean and dispose of Protheus who managed to lure a part of the Oceanid army to his side! A glorious battle awaits all immortals. Gather all forces and fight off the invaders.

Invasion card
Normal Catch-up
Equipment generation: 23
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral 485,000 435,000
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge 225 215
Maximum rank of the Stronghold 200 190

Earn new equipment of the 23th generation in the following adventures on normal difficulty: Leunar Swamps, Mare Sacro Monastery, Targo Islands, and Operation Isabella. Pit your skills against the generals of the invasion army –– the first one is waiting for you in the Onslaught of the Sea: Lorro the Cold distortion. Protect mortals in regions: enemy troops are attacking Naori Island, but the Oceanids are cunning. They will attempt to capture other areas as well!

Keep training, upgrading your equipment, and increasing your Might. Prepare for battle against Tol-Monter's avatar that arrives at Aelion during the third week.


Seasonal Challenges

This time we divided challenges into categories: Easy, Normal, and Hard. It will help you map out your game. For example, if you have little time on a certain day, you can complete easy challenges and leave hard ones for later. If you map out the order of challenges correctly, you might even earn more points!


We also added hints that tell you whether it's still possible to complete a challenge or you've already failed. For example, to complete the Urgent Call challenge, you need to complete a Sudden Attack of the Oceanids within 2 minutes. If the time runs out, you will see a notification that the challenge has been failed and you have to try again.

Keep in mind that in the first days of each stage, some challenges will grant an increased number of points. We recommend you start with those, because the bonus is temporary, and completing these challenges will get you to the final reward sooner.

What can I get for completing challenges?

If you earn the maximum number of points, you will receive an Invasion Fighter Bonus. You will get the Witherer title, a portrait frame, Halo of the Oceanid Vindicator, and 3,000 Argents!

Players have access to ten basic rewards. Purchasing a seasonal subscription will unlock another ten. So you will get extra rewards, a special portrait center, and Ocean Wings:

4 3

You can purchase the seasonal subscription in the game. Save 20% on the Invasion Pass! For one week only (November 13 - November 20), get even more value from your Oceanid Invasion rewards with this huge discount:

  • Full price: 19,500 Argents
  • Discounted price (20%): 15,600 Argents


New PvP Season Commences

A new PvP season is here! Fight against other Immortals to earn a coveted place in the PvP Leagues, where you can win up to 15,000 Victor’s Medals and league-exclusive rewards. Achieve Silver League status to earn a unique color option for your costume, and, if this is your first PvP Season, you can earn an exclusive Companion and Tournament Armor by reaching the Gold and Diamond Leagues respectively!


Challenges await the immortals. Prove you are worthy of the reward!