The Pantheon Compendium

Greetings Immortals,

For several months, the strongest communities of Skyforge will fight for the grand prize in Argents! The participants will join global PvP battles that involve elder gods and the newest creations of Aelion's armaments industry!

At the end of the season, the winners will decide which opportunities will become available to all players, and fans will determine the size of the prize pool because 100% of every sold pack's cost goes to the prize. Make your contribution to Aelion's history and get new costumes and accessories!

We have four special packs on sale in the in-game market:

Steps to Greatness Pack


Contains 500 units of Pure Matter, 250 Marks of the Assassin, King, Judge, and Sage.

+4 500 Argents to prize pool

* The pack can be purchased several times


Special Contribution

+4 000 Argents to prize pool
1_1 Headwear
Special headwear with a Space Program logo.
1_2 Costume
Special costume with a Space Program logo.
1_3 Cursor
Special cursor of the Space Program.
1_4 1_4_1


Active Contribution

+10 000 Argents to prize pool
2_1 2000 Victor's Medals
2_3 Hyperion Hyperion Lease Contract (7 days)
2_2 2_2_1


Golden Contribution

+30 000 Argents to prize pool
3_2 Path of Dawn Half Mask and Spectacles
Set of accessories in oriental style!
3_3 Vengeful Spirit Mask
Instill terror into the hearts of your enemies!
3_4 Path of the Warrior Tattoo Set
Set of tattoos in oriental style!
3_5 Legendary Shards
Get two generation 16 legendary weapons in the Market!
3_1 3_1_1


To see the current prize pool you can visit the game and click on the designated section: