[PC] Promotion: Mercenary’s Honor

The Wild Thirst mercenary company has a glorious history that has since been tragically forgotten. In a bid to restore their tarnished reputation and reconnect with the original values of the group, the company’s current leader, the noble Captain Leon Stolt, and the god of history, Asterius, have embarked on an arduous journey to the place where the Wild Thirst began.

The struggle for survival is enough to dampen anyone’s spirits and morale among the mercenaries is low. Having already seen obvious signs of discontent among the mercs and with his immense historical knowledge, Asterius knows what could happen should they remain unhappy for much longer and has asked you to lend your Adepts to the efforts.

Help the Wild Thirst and Asterius’s scientists uncover and explore the ruins in return for a set of Predator Armor and some legendary jewelry boxes, amongst other rewards. The Mercenary’s Honor Promotion runs from February 12 to February 19.





To take part in the Mercenary’s Honor promotion, open the Event interface on your platform of choice (press the 9 key on PC, or access the Order menu on consoles). For you newer players out there, don’t worry—you’ll unlock these events as you progress through the story!