[PC] Promotion: The Price of Art

Every year, Aelion’s Fine Arts Festival is celebrated on a grand scale. Talented artists, sculptors and musicians – Alcibiades' ‘fledglings’ – present their best works to the public, with writers conducting seminars, directors showcasing captivating productions, and theatrical performances attracting crowds of sophisticated spectators. In the evenings when the sky above Aelinar is illuminated by fireworks, dancers drag visitors into the very center of the noisy, merry crowd, where everyone can sample treats created by the planet’s finest chefs.

Despite the festival’s popularity, the threat of invaders is holding back revellers and vendors alike. Alcibiades is doing everything in his power to get the festival’s numbers up, but he’s going to need some help. Lend your Adepts to Alcibiades’ creative cause to earn rewards in the The Price of Art Promotion, now active until September 8 on PC!

Legendary Relics await, plus the Halo Set (containing the Swarm Conqueror Halo and Genesis Halo) and the Large Halo Set (containing the Halo of Vows, Naturalist Halo, and Ardent Halo).





NOTE: Each adept can use only one Legendary Relic.

To take part in The Price of Art Promotion, open the Event interface (press the 9 key).