[PC] Save up to 50% in the Mini Market Sale – January 5, 2021

Push your Immortal coffers to their limits with huge discounts on Knowledge of Enemies and Stimulants! With up to 50% off selected items for a limited time only, you can benefit from more currency to spend on upgrades and items, the ability to speed up quests, and the potential to upgrade your overall efficiency.

Item Price Discount
KoE Collection of Knowledge 1,350 Argents 30%
KoE Small Collection of Knowledge 4,800 Argents 40%
KoE Large Collection of Knowledge 11,950 Argents 50%
stimulants Small Pack of Stimulants 2,500 Argents 30%
stimulants Medium Pack of Stimulants 9,300 Argents 34%
stimulants Large Pack of Stimulants 25,920 Argents 40%

The Mini Market Sale ends January 11, don’t miss out!


  • Knowledge of Enemies are snippets of information gleaned from defeated enemies. You can use them to upgrade your Tower of Knowledge to receive Might bonuses. The higher your Might value, the more capable and efficient you are at handling Aelion’s many challenges.
  • Stimulants can be used to speed up a specific task, or to skip events entirely. They can also be used to replenish the number of available rituals in the Cathedral, and available research in the Tower of Knowledge.

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