[PC|PS|XBOX] 50% off Class Packs, New Packs Every Week!

The destiny of an Immortal lies in their ability to adapt and overcome. From now until July 21 on PC (sale starts June 24 and ends July 22 on PlayStation and Xbox), you can enjoy 50% off Class Packs from the in-game Market and fulfil your own potential in Skyforge! Each Class Pack contains a Class Unlock, a Legendary Weapon for your new class, plus 7 days of Premium Subscription.

And that’s not all… We’re rotating the discounted Packs every week, so check back to unlock new classes and complete your Immortal roster!

WEEK 4 (JULY 14-JULY 21)

Pack Contents
Warlock/Witch Pack • Class Unlock: Warlock/Witch

• Cassandra, Ancient Mother

• 7-day Premium Subscription
Archer Pack • Class Unlock: Archer

• Legendary Weapon: Selestin, the Lord of Winds

• 7-day Premium Subscription
Revenant Pack • Class Unlock: Revenant

• Legendary Weapon: Koher Mortem, Beyond the Veil

• 7-day Premium Subscription

IMPORTANT: The dates listed will be one day later on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.