[PC|PS|XBOX] Champion Avatar: The Integrator

Spearheading the Mechanoid Invasion, The Integrator is the single most powerful enemy boss of an Invasion and it requires teamwork, tenacity, and tremendous strength to defeat. The Integrator has arrived on Aelion in two forms: Training and Champion. The Training Avatar is for beginners and those new to Godhood. It is adapted for groups of five characters and will definitely prepare you to eventually face the Champion Avatar.


Potential drops you’ll receive can be found on the Adventure card before you queue for or enter an Adventure.

Avatar Trophies gained from Training Avatars can be used to develop your Halls in the Temple of Deeds. This is where you’ll find and be able to unlock divine specializations for your character, which are different paths and skill trees you can choose to explore as a junior god.

The Integrator is deadly and has a number of different attacks, from dangerous AoE (area of effect) bombardments to individual attacks on party members that require the rest of the team to help out. Once the Avatar has been damaged significantly and is around half of its health, smaller bosses will begin to attack you as well. It is worth noting that killing these bosses will cause the Integrator’s attacks to hit much harder, so you and your team will need to pick your poison.


When the Integrator is badly hurt, a self-destruct countdown will begin. You can imagine what will happen if the timer runs out!