[PC|PS|XBOX] Demon Invasion Coming September 15!

The Demons have risen again, and when they arrive on Aelion… there will be hell to slay. Take the fight to Nihaz and his foul legions when the Demon Invasion lands on PC on September 15, and PlayStation and Xbox on September 16!


Fight alone or team up with other players to smash Seasonal Challenges by embarking on new Adventures, fighting bosses, and exorcising Demons in open-world Region Invasions. Invasions are the best way to get the most awesome gear Skyforge has to offer - claim it by facing Distortions and battling Avatars!


Complete Challenges to unlock 20 rounds of exclusive, limited-time rewards, including a delightfully devilish Companion, new cosmetics like an extravagant pair of Wings, brand-new Exoskeleton Modules, and lots more. You can also get an instant reward when you buy the Invasion Pass, your one-way ticket to premium rewards during the Demon Invasion!


The Invasion Atlas is a system that allows you to develop and enhance your Immortal and their abilities throughout the Invasion. Pick a development path and navigate through different nodes to unlock bonuses and abilities, including increased damage infliction and critical chances, reduced cooldowns, group buffs, and more. The path you take is completely up to you, so choose wisely to tailor and maximize your own powers against the Demons.


You can battle the Invasion’s first major bosses in Distortions from the beginning of the Invasion, but later you can take on a truly hellish challenge when Nihaz, Avatar of the Demon Invasion, bares his fangs. Prepare to win, or prepare to die...

Prepare to face the Demon Invasion on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S from September 15!