[PC|PS|XBOX] Demon Invasion Now Live!

There will be hell to slay. Exorcise the Demon Invasion by completing new Seasonal Challenges, challenging the foul Avatar Nihaz, and claiming exclusive new rewards like the new Va’alor Companion, Wings of the Demon Vanquisher, and new Exoskeleton Modules from the Invasion Pass!

Save 20% when you buy the Invasion Pass in-game and get the Astral Conqueror Halo as an instant reward!


Complete Seasonal Challenges to earn points throughout the Invasion, progress through up to 20 levels, and earn special rewards - including exclusive limited-time items! Seasonal Challenges are divided into Easy, Normal, and Hard categories, and more will be unlocked as the Invasion progresses (in the first, third, and fifth weeks). You’ll earn more points when completing certain challenges within the first few days of each stage, so check back often to finish your Invasion Pass even faster!


The first major bosses can be fought in Distortions from the beginning of the Invasion, but from the third week of the Invasion, you can challenge the foul leader of the Demons: Nihaz, Avatar of the Demon Invasion and one of Skyforge’s most hellish enemies. Nihaz will arrive on Aelion in two forms: Training and Champion. The Training Avatar is for beginners and those new to Godhood; it’s adapted for groups of five players and will definitely prepare you for the Champion Avatar. Claim Avatar Trophies to unlock Divine Aspects!


The Invasion Pass is now available to purchase in-game (with a 20% launch discount). It’s your key to unlocking 20 levels of exclusive rewards throughout the Demon Invasion, and comes with an instant reward: the Astral Conqueror Halo! You can also unlock a brand-new Companion from the Astral: Va’alor, Exoskeleton Modules, Wings of the Demon Vanquisher, and lots more.


The Invasion Atlas is a system that allows you to develop and enhance your Immortal and their abilities throughout the Invasion. Pick a development path and navigate through different nodes to unlock bonuses and abilities, including increased damage infliction and critical chances, reduced cooldowns, group buffs, and more. The path you take is completely up to you, so choose wisely to tailor and maximize your own powers against the Demons.

Skyforge is available to download and play for free on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.