[PC|PS|Xbox] Get your King’s Ransom

Another game of King’s Ransom is starting. Participate, earn rewards, and try for the Triumph grand prize!


The Triumph Grand Prize and its winners so far are displayed on the right side of the screen. You can win rewards or the Triumph itself by scratching off cards. One card costs 100 Argents, and with every 5 tickets purchased by players, the jackpot amount increases by 100 Argents! Once a player wins the grand prize, the jackpot returns to its starting value and the game starts again. There are no limits as to how many magic cards you can scratch off! The starting amounts of the jackpots are:

Starting Value
PC EU 186,200 Argents
PC NA 1,322,700 Argents
PS EU 284,500 Argents
PS NA 192,5100 Argents
Xbox 390,000 Argents


3 Euphomine Stimulants 4 Sparks of Frugality
30 Liquid Flame Stimulant 6 Alpha Euphomine Stimulants 7 Sparks of Perfection
8 Mirror Cube 9 Credits 10 Sparks of Luck
11 Chest of Ancient Gods (current generation, no additional properties) 12 Victor's Medals 13 Sparks of Superiority
14 Special Legendary Weapon Capsule (current generation, has additional properties) 15 Knowledge of Enemies 16 Sparks of Simplicity
17 Clockwork Chest (temporary current generation weapon for 2 days) 18 Pilgrimage Permit 19 Sparks of Evolution
20 Hyperion Lease Contract (3 days) 21 Sage’s Chest 22 King's Chest
23 Divine Amulet 24 Judge’s Chest 25 Assassin’s Chest
26 Stimulant 27 Chest of Pure Matter 28 Chest of the Creator
5 Argents 29 1 Day of Premium Subscription

NOTE: You may receive a duplicate weapon from the Special Legendary Weapon Capsule.

The King’s Ransom event ends on December 20. Don’t miss out!