[PC|PS|XBOX] Gorgonide Invasion Points Sale

There isn’t much time left to finish your Invasion Pass, but if you’ve still got a few rewards left to clear up, we’ve got just the ticket for you. Progress Points are now available for purchase with Argents from the in-game Market until the end of the Gorgonide Invasion!

Progress Points Price
1 30 18,000 Argents
2 60 33,000 Argents
3 100 50,000 Argents

Finish your Invasion Pass to get your hands on amazing rewards like the Current Supply Base Module and Rear Electrode Back Module for your Exoskeleton, the Predator Helmet and Armor, a Raven Half Mask, and much more.

This sale is active until the end of the Gorgonide Invasion on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.