[PC|PS|XBOX] New Legendary Weapons Available Now

Rock the steampunk aesthetic with three Legendary Weapons on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox!

The Hungry Ectoplasm, Idols of Death, and Primal Rage Packs are all on sale in-game from now until October 6 on PC and October 7 on consoles, with each containing a retrofuturistic weapon, a Class Unlock, and a host of useful consumables:

Hungry Ectoplasm Pack Idols of Death Pack Primal Fury Pack
Class Unlock: Alchemist Class Unlock: Revenant Class Unlock: Grovewalker
Legendary Weapon: Ammine, Unstable Element Legendary Weapon: Baron Samedi Legendary Weapon: Garn the Summoner
• 50 Eidos Replicators

• 40 Stimulants

• 1,500,000 Credits
• 50 Eidos Replicators

• 20 Stimulants

• 1 Mental Concentrator
• 75 Eidos Replicators

• 30 Stimulants

• 15,000 Knowledge of Enemies
alch rev grove

Head to the ‘Pack’ section of the in-game Market to arm yourself with new classes and Legendary Weapons today!

IMPORTANT: All Legendary Weapons are available in each platform’s current generation: Generation 34 on PC, Generation 28 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and Generation 24 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. These weapons do not include the bonus stats from the Endless Sale.