[PC|PS|XBOX] Pantheon Wars: Season 7 announcement

It's time to prepare for epic battles, as a new season of Skyforge's biggest competition — Pantheon Wars — is about to begin! Pantheons will once again battle to determine who is the strongest in the game, and earn some Argents along the way. Gather your best fighters and start training, because the first battles will take place on June 19. Winners will be rewarded with valuable prizes and a substantial prize pool!

Taking into account your feedback after the previous season, we have prepared important changes that we want to tell you about in advance.


Pantheon Ranking and Bidding

When you open the Pantheon interface, you will see a new tab called "Rating", which displays all the communities in the game. The ranking is calculated by a special formula and depends on several factors, including (but not limited to) the number of Pantheon members and their Might.

This ranking will not only allow you to see the strongest and most active Pantheons in the game, but will also help in organizing Pantheon Wars. Starting in Season 7, only the top pantheons in the rankings will be able to participate in the Golden League bidding. Their number depends on the number of Pantheons on the server. If the name of your Pantheon is highlighted in gold, then you can participate in bidding. This will help to avoid situations where the bidding involved Pantheons that did not intend to participate in battles. Now, we will see battles waged by the true strongest Pantheons!

IMPORTANT: In order to implement this update, we need to remove Vindicator status from members of all Pantheons. Don't forget to give it out once the Pantheon Wars begin, but keep in mind that Vindicators have also been affected by some changes!


The most powerful and resolute Immortals participate in major competitions such as the Pantheon Wars. Therefore, starting from Season 7, only players with Vindicator status will be able to participate in battles. Also, we have reduced the number of Vindicators in Pantheons. Previously, Rank 10 Pantheons could have up to 50 Vindicators, and Rank 15 Pantheons could have up to 100. This number has now been reduced to 25 and 40 respectively.

At the same time, we have increased the rewards for Vindicators who participate in battles. They have a great responsibility — Vindicators represent their Pantheon in battle, and therefore their rewards must match their title!

Vindicators rewards - Golden League

Successful attack Controlling the territory
1 5400 argents 3600 argents
2 5130 argents 3420 argents
3 4860 argents 3240 argents
4 4590 argents 3060 argents
5 4320 argents 2880 argents
6 4050 argents 2700 argents
7 3780 argents 2520 argents
8 3510 argents 2340 argents

Vindicators rewards - Silver League

Successful attack Controlling the territory
1 2700 argents 1800 argents
2 2592 argents 1728 argents
3 2484 argents 1656 argents
4 2376 argents 1584 argents
5 2268 argents 1512 argents
6 2160 argents 1440 argents
7 2052 argents 1368 argents
8 1944 argents 1296 argents

This change will not only reward combatants fairly, but will also fix a problem that was raised during the last Season, where some Pantheon members would enter a battle only to receive a participation mark, then collect their reward at the end of the Pantheon Wars.


We'll share more information about the rewards for the winners later, but we want to announce that starting in Season 7, the final award will be distributed among the 8 strongest teams in the Golden League! The bulk of the prize pool will go to the three winners, but we also want to support the other participants who demonstrated good results in the competition. We will reveal what part of the prize pool the teams will receive, depending on their place in the final rankings in one of the following articles.

Argents from the prize pool will be given out automatically a few days after the end of the Pantheon Wars. The sooner a well-deserved reward is received, the better!


We want the Pantheon Wars to be fair and exciting, and the rewards to be worthwhile. We'll be sure to keep an eye on the competition and may adjust some elements as needed. We look forward to the first battles and your feedback. Don't forget to share your opinions about the new changes on our Discord server.

Start training and get ready for your first battles, which will take place on June 19!