[PC|PS|XBOX] Phytonides fleet is near!

As the last Reapers hastily leave Aelion after you managed to fight off Thanatos and thwart his plans, the Phytonides' ships have been spotted not far from our planet! Machavann has managed to regain his strength and has once again arrived on Aelion. The first Phytonides are expected to land as early as March 16 on PC and March 17 on PlayStation and Xbox!

There's not much time left to tackle the remaining Thanatos units on the planet and get those missing Season Points. Not sure if you'll have enough in time to get all the rewards? Check out the Season category on the in-game Market — Progress Points are now available for purchase.

Remember that points will be reset at the start of the new season. To get next season's exclusive rewards, such as Exoskeleton Modules, Costumes, new hairstyles, tattoos, and useful resources, you'll have to complete new challenges!


Season Card

Normal Catch-up Soft Cap
Equipment generation PC: 37
PS: 31
Xbox: 27
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral PC: 1,700,600
PS: 1,382,600
Xbox: 1,170,600
PC: 1,629,600
PS: 1,311,600
Xbox: 1,099,600
PC: 1,687,600
PS: 1,369,600
Xbox: 1,157,600
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge PC: 400
PS: 340
Xbox: 300
PC: 387
PS: 327
Xbox: 287
PC: 398
PS: 338
Xbox: 298
Terra/Thea rank PC: 420-422
PS: 360-362
Xbox: 320-322
Avatar PC: 434
PS: 374
Xbox: 334
Trophy Booster Cap PC: 57
PS: 57
Xbox: 53

Get ready! The Phytonides are expected to appear just after the retreat of the last squads of Reapers on March 16 on PC and March 17 on PlayStation and Xbox. And starting with the third week of the season, the Phytonides’ Avatar will be available to battle.

Bring down Machavann to claim his Avatar Trophy and tear his corrupting roots from Aelion!