Promo: The Cradle of the World

Welcome to Aelion – a mysterious planet blanketed in all manner of wildlife and life-forms that most scientists and archaeologists have long considered extinct. It should be no surprise that a discovery such as this has drawn the attention of Flavius, who is now hell bent on figuring out how Aelion has become such a veritable showcase of long-forgotten life.


Thus far, the only clue Aelion researchers have to go on are continuous mention of the words “Cradle of the World”. A place? A landmark? A relic of some kind? Nobody is certain. Well, that’s not entirely true… One person in particular claims to have already undergone research into this ‘cradle’ – namely Professor Homfy. Despite having a complete lack of evidence to back up his incessant ramblings, he is currently our only stepping stone towards learning anything about Aelion.


And so, we turn to you and your faithful adepts, Immortal. If we could somehow learn more about Aelion, it may be possible to research or even tame some of these fascinating species of old and figure out what exactly has happened on this strange planet. Failing that, there will no doubt be valuable relics to be discovered – and even should research prove to be fruitless, it would seem both Flavius and Professor Homfy are paying a substantial amount of currencies for your research-based services. Well, what harm could it do?

Awards for the first round

3prem knowledge premiumrank credits relic1
Premium Subscription Knowledge of Enemies Premium Rank Credits Pure Relic
Count 1 4,000 1 300,000 1
Progress 10 25 50 100 200
halo relic2 relic3 mount relic4
Naturalist Halo Smooth Relic Tough Relic Sabretooth Menar Bright Relic
Count 1 1 1 1 1
Progress 350 550 900 1200 1500

More Relics are available in the market and can be bought with Victor’s Medals.

Awards for the second round

knowledge credits victor premiumrank victor
Knowledge of Enemies Credits Victor's Medals Premium Rank Victor's Medals
Count 3,500 200,000 1,000 2 2,500
Progress 10 25 50 100 200
victor stimulants victor stimulants victor
Victor's Medals Stimulants Victor's Medals Stimulants Victor's Medals
Count 15,000 50 3,500 75 5,000
Progress 350 550 900 1200 1500

What say you, Immortal? Fancy a shot at taming your very own Sabretooth mount, or lay your hands on the new Halo? Maybe you just want to kick back and enjoy a steady income of high-value currencies while your adepts snoop around this brand-new planet? Whatever your intention, the Cradle of the World promotion shall run from the 26th of July until the 9th of August (1:00 am PDT) – don’t miss out!

-The Skyforge Team