Promotion: The Land of the Old Gods

How much do we know about this world? The people of Aelion look at the sky, dreaming of other planets, but they give little thought to the mysteries of their own planet.

Two hunters were sneaking through the underbrush, tracking a Ghal. They had never gotten this close to the walls of the old fortress. This place was considered forbidden. Or so the elders of their village said. The elders called this place the "Land of the Old Gods". A long time ago, there had been other gods on Aelion who had built this old fortress for their own purposes. It sounded strange, because every child knew that gods did not die. And the youth laughed at the old men's tales.

The hunters climbed the hill and reached the edge of the forest. The Ghal stood in front of them, looking warily through the arch that led to the fortress's courtyard. They heard the sound of slow and heavy footsteps, and then a terrifying creature came into the light, its metal parts gleaming. It opened its jaws and let out a piercing shriek. The Ghal outran the hunters fleeing down the hill, but only just.

Asterius learned about this incident and noticed that it had a lot of similarities to one of the old legends. He asks your adepts to help him test his theory.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Special Rewards

  • In a Chest of Ancient Gods, you can find a random generation 25 weapon for your current class.
  • Using Sparks of Life adds or increases the following attribute of the selected artifact: Damage to Phytonides.
  • This time you can use Victor's Medals to instantly complete missions!

The event runs from May 6 to May 13, 23:59 CEST (2:59 p.m. PDT). To take part in the Land of the Old Gods event, open the special interface by pressing the 9 key.