Promotion: Night Beast

This story has long become a legend, and even the locals cannot say for certain which parts are true and which were made up.

A long time ago, their town was entrusted with an artifact, and the elders promised to keep it safe. But when Thanatos's forces approached the walls, the elders got scared and resorted to betrayal.

Only one stood firm. He hid the artifact, and the rest of them sold him out, hoping to escape Thanatos's wrath. Before he died, he cursed the town and all its residents. The same night, a giant beast came out of the forest, and it was morning when it finally left, having sated its bloodlust and leaving a trail of death and devastation in its wake.

Several generations later, the story became a legend, but then one night the beast came back. Right now the monster is just wandering the countryside, but the terrified residents have already sent messengers to the capital.

Flavius has taken an interest in the occurrence – he is asking your adepts to investigate the situation.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


The event runs from May 19 to June 2. To take part in the Night Beast event, open the special interface which you can access by pressing the 9 key.

Unique Rewards

Star of Rebirth

Upgrades your weapon's generation to the current one. Applicable only to legendary weapons. Cost: 160,000 Credits for weapons without additional properties and 1,000,000 Credits for weapons with additional properties.

Trewang Selection Guide: Stamina

Trewang mounts' shield is 50% more durable, and their speed is increased by 20%.