Promotion: Project Labyrinth

Dear friends!

Flavius has been studying immortals in his White Room project for a long time now, but mortals are a new field of research for him. Labyrinth Experimental Project has been created fairly recently. It is aimed at studying faith and the processes of its transmission as well as the methods of increasing this flow. The project got its name because of the features of the virtual world in which the subjects were immersed. In this world, they were accompanied and supervised by Argus which was well-known to all immortals.

The initial results were impressive: it turned out that the amount of faith a follower passes on to their god is not the same for everyone and can vary depending on the circumstances. But the project had to be put on hold: suddenly the virtual space of the experiment began to change spontaneously. It was like an unknown virus, and Flavius had to lock the system to stop it from spreading.

Communication with the experimental subjects was lost - none of them was able to return to consciousness, although their vitals indicated that not only were they alive inside the Labyrinth, but they were also engaging in strenuous physical activity. Flavius needs intelligent and trained volunteers from among the adepts to link them into the system and try to figure out what happened.

Flavius's Labyrinth Project involved working with mortals, but an unknown system malfunction forced the scientist to close the virtual space of the experiment. All test subjects are trapped: to survive, they need the help of your adepts.

From October 17 to October 31 participate in the Labyrinth promotion. Send your adepts to help Flavius - you will receive a new hero, unique relics for adepts, Guard Power Armor, and Jet Experimental Transport!

Unique Rewards

Crowe the Guard

Legendary adept for your order and a new hero in the Battle Royale mode.

  • Has their own armor and experimental transport.
  • Gets tired 4 times faster when running. Cannot use other armor and upgrades.

The adept has the following stats in the main game.

Guard Power Armor and Jet Experimental Transport

Costume and new experimental transport - like the one Crowe has.


Legendary Relics

Central Guard Core

  • +9 to Constitution.

  • +750 to Health Modifier.

Signal Amplifier

  • +9 to Intelligence.

  • +750 to Companion's Damage Modifier.

Brain Implant

  • +9 to Perception.

  • +750 to Critical Damage Multiplier.

Meteoric Iron

  • +9 to Agility.

  • +750 to Base Damage Modifier.

Each adept can use only one such relic.

You can receive up to 8 relics during the event - 4 in the first circle, and 4 more by using Relic Fragments. Once you have received all relics, the reward will change to 3 Special Focuses of Faith that grant 1000 Faith each.

To accelerate missions, you can use Intelligence Data or Argents. Intelligence Data can be obtained in PvE adventures: from 1 item for victory over the last boss in Squad adventures. Killing bosses in group adventures brings more Data. The reward size depends on the character's and adventure's current rank. The amount of Intelligence Data you can obtain is not limited. Once you have accumulated 3000 Intelligence Data, the chance of getting it is reduced, and you will receive a smaller amount.

You can purchase an Intelligence Data Extractor in the Resources section of the Market. It increases the amount of Intelligence Data received for killing the boss in a PvE adventure.

Do not miss out on this chance to get a new adept, relics, and transport!