[PS] Promotion: Science Guru

The prayers of the people of the small town of Byon are filled with pain and terror: their close ones and neighbors keep disappearing. Sometimes entire families go missing, leaving empty homes behind. It happens to both the living and the dead. The local cemetery is destroyed: the bodies of the recently deceased have been dug out and taken. Dark individuals in robes wander the empty streets in the twilight, peering into windows. The people of Byon are desperate and begging for help.

The Goddess Advisor Herida cannot leave these poor people to deal with their pain alone. She urges you to assign a squad of your best adepts to this investigation. For your trouble, you will earn valuable resources and even a divine weapon, the Wynd's Equalizer.

The Science Guru promotion runs until June 25.





UNIQUE REWARD: Wynd's Equalizer

The weapon has 200 charges and three abilities:

  • Electric Arc: deals X damage to the target and has a 25% chance to create a plasma blob next to it. If you pick it up, you will be able to use the Plasma Buckshot ability. Consumes 11 charges.
  • Plasma Buckshot: deals damage in a cone in front of you with a range of 15 yards. The closer the enemy is, the more damage they take.
  • Deconstruction: spends the remaining charges to dismantle the weapon and create several emblems around you (from 4 to 8). Their type depends on the emblems selected in the Symbols section. Deals twice as much damage to monsters as to immortals.