[PS|XBOX] Promotion: Fragments of Antiquity

Asterius, the chronicler god, constantly seeks confirmation of his scientific theories, and embarks on expeditions to the far reaches of the world in pursuit of lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding Aelion’s past. He is particularly interested in the secrets of ancient civilizations which seemingly disappeared without a trace.

In an effort to understand their ancestors, Asterius has been observing a native tribe living in complete isolation. This peaceful tribe has thrived, unchanged, for hundreds of years while creating amazing cultural artifacts, honoring unusual traditions, and doing their best to maintain balance with their environment. Unfortunately, the troubles plaguing Aelion were bound to affect the members of this community at some point, and they are now forced to face new challenges.

The tribe’s hunting grounds have become depleted due to the rising numbers of predators and poachers in the area. Asterius wants to help, but he is worried that any intervention may have a destructive impact on the tribe’s culture. And who better to ask to help than Immortals and their Adepts? Help Asterius defend the tribe to earn rewards in the Fragments of Antiquity Promotion, now active until January 13 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S!

Immortals who successfully aid Asterius will be rewarded greatly, with brand-new Exoskeleton Modules and much more up for grabs.






Exoskeleton Arms Module: Flaming Sunset

This Exoskeleton Module gives your Companion's charged attack a 60% chance to also apply Support Mode to two allies. Adds +30% durability to your Exoskeleton.

Exoskeleton Base: New Dawn

Whenever the Companion Cooldown stat is activated, the Exoskeleton has a 70% chance to charge your Companion's attack, restoring it and increasing its damage by two times.

Mental Concentrator

Allows you to upgrade a node in the Invasion Atlas so it works in PvE adventures of any type. To upgrade a node, select it in the Invasion Atlas tab and click “Upgrade”. One Mental Concentrator will be consumed.

To take part in the Fragments of Antiquity Promotion, open the Event interface (access the Order menu on PlayStation and Xbox).