Public Test Server


A few days ago, we announced an update that will affect the development of all characters. We understand that such serious changes must be thoroughly tested before they are implemented. In order to do that, we will open the public test server on September 18. Join in, try these changes, help us test the updated mechanics, and share your feedback!

How do I access the PTS?
  • To access the public test server, you need to log into your account in the Game Center (the same account (email and password) that's used on the live server).
  • Then click the search icon and enter Skyforge PTS in the field.
  • If you see an error when you select Skyforge PTS, open the Game Center settings and click "Delete temporary Games Center files".
  • After downloading and installing the client, you can log into the server by clicking the Play button. All characters have been copied to the test server on September 15. That's why they may slightly differ from the characters on the live server. Please note that the server structure only allowed us to copy characters on the EU server. Other regions will still be able to join and test the changes from a new player perspective, complete the campaign and provide feedback on the changes.

Extended invasion

To prepare for this important update, we have extended the Gorgonide invasion for one more week: until September 30. We want to make sure everything works as planned when the demon invasion starts.

See you on the test server on September 18!