Pumpkin Carving Contest & Trick or Treat Page

Are you a Jack O'Lantern artist or do you just have fun carving pumpkins? We are kicking off the Pumpkin Carving contest for Skyforge! Show off your Halloween creations for a chance to win some trick or treat goodies!



  1. The contest will run from now until October 31st
  2. You must post a picture of your pumpkin in the thread to enter
  3. You must have a piece of paper or something that says Skyforge in the Image
  4. You can enter as many pumpkins as you wish
  5. Be as creative as you can (Bonus points for a Skyforge themed pumpkin)
  6. One prize per person
  7. Submit in our forums thread for the contest!

Check out the list of prizes for being one of the top pumpkin carvers!


Rank Rewards
1st 30 Ominous Treasures
2nd 20 Ominous Treasures
3rd 10 Ominous Treasures

Contest Reminders:

  • Graphic, obscene or any other questionable content will not be considered. The same applies for content violating any Skyforge regulations, EULA, rules etc.
  • The winners will be picked by the Skyforge team.
  • By submitting your image, you grant Skyforge all rights to use, edit and distribute the image.

These rules may be changed or amended at any time.

Trick or Treat!

The Pumpkin Carving Contest is not the only opportunity for you to get some nice and scary treats. If you finished carving your pumpkin, make sure to visit our freshly released Trick or Treat Page if you are not easily scared. Knock on the doors every day for a chance to get a treat but be warned! Some doors could spook the godly halo from your head!


The Skyforge Trick or Treat page will be online from today (October 23rd) until November 1st. You will be able to open one door per day.


Stay tuned for more Halloween fun with the Evil Pumpkin Festival, the Halloween Packs and the special Mystery Boxes. More details following!