Questions from players

Question: Will there be a way to catch up where Avatar’s Artifacts are concerned? It takes players who recently got back into the game a long time to collect artifacts and upgrade their gear.

Answer: It wasn’t intended for a player to have every single weapon from avatars. We designed all those weapons to give you a variety of options to choose from, depending on your class and playstyle. But we’ve been thinking about updating Avatar’s Artifacts, so it’s possible a catch-up system of sorts will be added in the future.

Question: What do I do with Avatar’s Artifacts if I already have all the divine weapons and upgrades?

Answer: You don’t need to do anything for now. And you won’t be able to. Currently it’s only used to acquire divine weapons. We’ll inform you if the artifacts are going to be used for something else.

Question: Do you plan to add more hairstyles for characters? The selection of hairstyles for female characters is rather poor.

Answer: Contrary to popular belief, it’s quite difficult to design and implement a new hairstyle. You need to take various costumes into consideration - and there are dozens, if not hundreds of those in the game. But we’ll happily consider your suggestions. If you suggest ideas of hairstyles you like, and other players support your suggestion, it’s quite possible that the new hairstyle will be added next year. And we’d like to clarify that we won’t create a female hairstyle only. They are designed in pairs. So if your character decides to change gender, the number of hairstyles available to them will remain the same.

Question: I like the Paladin class, but it needs more variety in weapon appearance. Could you create something unique for the Paladin? A battle hammer or a morning star, and a large tower shield?

Answer: One class can’t have so many different weapons. Paladin will always use a sword and a shield, but their appearance may vary.

Question: Will there be class rebalance?

Answer: We do our best to maintain the class balance Recently we rebalanced Soundweaver and Grovewalker. Other classes may also be updated in the future.

Question: Terra and Integrator are closely connected in the history of Skyforge. Does that mean the great William Wynd himself is inside that planet’s core? Or a particle of his power in the form of the Integrator?

Answer: You’ll learn that in one of our future story updates.

Question: Is the Aspect of Magic is connected to the arrival of demons? Metarchus said something about strong magic at the end of the demon flagship adventure.

Answer: There’s no connection between the Aspect of Magic and demon invasion.

Question: Why do some classes have 3 legendary weapons, and Slayer only has one. Will it get another weapon?

Answer: We’re not biased against Slayer. In the future, the class may receive more legendary weapons.

Question: Do you plan on simplifying the challenge system? So we can get 10 points for something other than being “the First”. Because the first team gets more points than the others.

Answer: The number of points depends on the difficulty of the challenge. It’s not our goal to “create a challenge that grants exactly 10 points”.
You get 11 points for being the first to complete all five challenges. They are added on top of the amount you need to get all rewards. Even if you weren’t part of such groups, you can still get all rewards.

Question: Will “runes of time” be updated in some way? There are more than 300, and one GvG requires 50 max, but they keep dropping.

Answer: No, we don’t plan on making any changes.

Question: Will there be any changes to the Pantheon management and development system?

Answer: Not in the near future.

Question: During the very first Mysteries of Love event (2016), we could send anonymous valentine cards. Why is it not an option anymore?

Answer: If you remember, back then we had to switch it off before the event ended. Because of the way the friends list worked, we ran into serious server limitations and had to disable that option to ensure the game’s stable operation.

Question: Are there any changes planned for ether stations defense on Terra? We have a situation where some people diligently defend the stations but get no ether, because there’s no time to collect it. Others do nothing – they only collect ether while sitting in vehicles and avoiding combat. Is it meant to be this unfair? Or you just didn’t plan for players to act this way?

Answer: Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We’ll try to address that in upcoming updates. If you have any other suggestions regarding Terra (you don’t like something or you’ve run into an issue), don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll try to address your concerns as we continue to work on the game.