Reaper Invasion: Season 18


Grab your weapons and charge to battle against Thanatos' army of death!

Invasion Card

  • Equipment generation: 18
  • Maximum main rank: 243
  • Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge: 200
  • Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral: 300 000 (every 10 followers provide 1 point of Might)
  • Maximum Might from Bastions: 24 000

The first week of the invasion marks the emergence of new, 18th generation equipment. With the new Gear System in place you should look at all your items and adjust your builds if needed! Check out more details here.


Invasion Schedule

January 30th

  • D1 Tribe of Shakur (Brooch)

February 13th

  • D2 Frenzied Carrions (Bracelet)
  • Thanatos Avatar
  • Thanatos Training Avatar

February 27th

  • D3 Melegh (Artifact)
  • D4 Imenad (Weapon)

Good luck in the battledfield!