Rhythm Energy Pack now available


Music inspires us to greatness. Use it to fight your enemies and inspire everyone around you too!

Starting today the “Rhythm Energy Pack” is available on the in-game market! Get the new legendary weapon from the current generation for Soundwevaer, as well as some currency to help you on the way.

Rhythm Energy Pack

“Enjoy your last concert.”

Pack Content
1 Jinx, Flaming Strings

stims 10 Stimulants

medals 4000 Victor's Medals

If the Soundweaver plays Notes of Pain and Notes of Agony in sync with the equalizer, they apply the negative effect of the active rhythm to the target.

When the Notes’ rhythm is activated a second time over 10 seconds, 3 fireworks are spawned near the enemy, dealing damage. Targets affected by the fireworks gain the Burn effect for 3 seconds. While under this effect, they have a 50% higher chance of taking critical damage from the Soundweaver and their allies affected by the positive effects of any rhythm. Fireworks generated during Fiery Solo also apply Burn.

Rock on!

Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!