Sale: Up to 30% off Stimulants and Knowledge of Enemies

We are delighted to announce the launch of sale of in-game valuables. October 19th to 26th, you will have a chance to purchase two of the most important currencies at a significant discount. Don't miss the opportunity to stock up on the valuables that not only will increase your character's efficiency, but will make the game even more comfortable.


The stimulants will be sold at a 25% discount! These items will allow you to speed up the completion of the Council of Gods directives by skipping the adventures you are not interested in. Additionally, the stimulants will allow you to instantly complete promotion quests. These items will be of use both to the players who log in only occasionally, accumulating several directives and completing them in 1-2 days, and to the users that don't want to participate in activities they are not interested in. The stimulants allow you to save your in-game time and focus on the quests you want to complete yourself.

Knowledge of Enemies will also enjoy a 30% discount. The importance of that resource can hardly be underestimated: it allows you to upgrade your Tower of Knowledge and thus improve your character's base stat: its Might. The higher its value, the more efficiently can your hero deal with the challenges of the game. Do remember that many of the Trophy Hall promotions increase your character's Might boost from the Tower of Knowledge at a proportional rate. Correspondingly, the higher its rank, the more boosted will the stat be by the Trophy Hall. Additionally, you can unlock a new class for the Knowledge of Enemies!

The sale will end in just one week – good luck!