Sale: Ascension Packs Return

Immortals, it’s your last chance to become a pack collector with our Ascension Packs! From today 6am PST until January 2nd 6am PST, you can get your hands on the legacy pack discounts one last time. Save up to 15% and unlock an exclusive blue color variation of the Phytomorph costume!


As you decide what packs look interesting to collect for more unlocked progress towards rewards, here are a few things to keep in mind! Once you have done that, check below on more information regarding the pack sale.

  • Only monthly packs count towards progress. That means Collector’s editions and any special packs are excluded.
  • Previous pack purchases will count towards the overall progress, so any pack you bought that counts will have EXP for it.
  • This sale and the special reward pack are only available until January 2nd. So, if you don’t redeem the reward pack until then, it will be gone forever.

Click here for more information on the progress of the event for your account and to see what packs are on sale.


Remember, you have until January 2nd to complete this event! Also check out all the other deals we got in stock for you on our dedicated Winter 2016 page.