Sale: CE Discounts


If you’re an avid collector but missed out on a few Collector’s Editions of the past, then we have the perfect sale for you! Starting from August 30 to September 9, we will have a total of 6 illustrious Collector’s Packs available to you at discounted prices!

  • Soundweaver Collector’s Edition - 25% Off: Force your enemies to face the music with access to the latest edition to Skyforge’s roster of classes. As the Soundweaver you’ll aid your fellow Immortals with a repertoire of power boosting beats, and obliterate your enemies with an orchestra of deadly sound! This pack also includes an exclusive costume and weapon for the Soundweaver, and plenty of in-game resources to help you dazzle the battlefield with your blinding stardom!
  • Starter Pack - 25% Off: Perfect for the newly resurrected Immortals, just starting their divine adventures across Aelion. This pack includes plenty of useful bonuses and in-game resources to set you on the path to success!
  • Wardens of the Wasteland - 30% Off: The ultimate pack for those who desire to explore the farthest reaches and deepest depths of Aelion. You’ll be prepared for any situation with access to the Knight and Alchemist classes, the special Night Squad costume, a one of a kind Moa mount, and all the resources you need to push your Immortal capabilities above and beyond!
  • Battle Royale Alpha Squad Pack - 40% Off: Join the Battle Royale, a virtual reality world where mortals compete to become an Adept! The Alpha Squad Pack comes complete with 3 additional contenders and unique set of Golden Power armor!
  • Battle Royale Phoenix Squad Pack - 40% Off: Join the Battle Royale with SIX additional Contenders, a pair of legendary wings, and a flashy arsenal of new weapons!
  • New Horizons Collector’s Edition - 25% Off: Prepare to face off against the Draconids on a newly discovered planet! Seek out New Horizons with a unique new Draconid costume, a matching halo, and much, much more!

Act quickly Immortals! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to obtain some of the most exclusive items in the game, now cheaper than ever!