Sale: Flavius Mystery Workshop

With the Phytonides sitting on Aelion’s doorstep once more, our brave Immortals prepare to defend their homes against the next inevitable wave of invasions. Preparations must be made, though we may need to think twice about asking Flavius for assistance after his latest debacle…


Whilst compiling resources into supply kits for valiant Immortals in their upcoming battles, something went awry within Flavius’ workshop… A glitch, frying the machinery's sorting algorithm, caused the supply boxes to instead be filled with unintentional knick-knacks. Seeing as they are still highly valuable to any Immortal that receives them, Flavius has decided to use them as they are rather than re-open and re-sort the entire stock from scratch.


These mystery boxes will now be put on sale from March 3rd to March 7th!

The contents of which contain 1 random costume and 1 random companion. (Please review the sales page for details.) Thankfully, due to the identification scanners not being effected by the same glitch as the now-scrapped sorting machine, anyone who purchases these mystery boxes can rest assured that they will always get something they do not already own. In addition, if you already have all 5 boxes, the 6th box you open will net you a whopping 2,000,000 credits instead!

Not a bad deal, even if it is at Flavius’ own expense. He will surely be more careful next time, so don’t miss out on this deal while it lasts!

-The Skyforge Team