Sale: Hall of Trophies - June 28, 2019


There is a sale on at the Hall of Trophies between June 28 and July 1. Exchange Victor's Medals for improved ranks at discount up to 50%!


Increase the efficiency of Bastions, Cathedrals, Towers of Knowledge and gain more might! Also, note a whole range of useful upgrades for your favorite companion at a discount of up to 50%! Select your preferred bonus and acquire the relevant trophy!


Name Bonus Type Regular discount Rank 5 discount
Grand Prix Prototype 1 Might from Tower of Knowledge -50% -33%
Law and Order Might from Cathedral -50% -33%
Breath of Death Might from Bastion -50% -33%
Countdown Might from Tower of Knowledge -50% -33%
Habitat Might from Cathedral -50% -33%
Battle of Engineers Combat Mount:Storm Pegasus -33%
Ancient Ice Mysteries Might from Cathedral -50% -33%
Scouting in Tangria Might from Tower of Knowledge -50% -33%
Ancient Traditions Might from Bastion -50% -33%
Ethian Depths 2 Companion Ability:Pick up Loot -50%
Ethian Depths 1 Companion Ability:Revive Master -50%
Cloud City Might from Tower of Knowledge -50% -33%
Heart of the Griffin Might from Cathedral -50% -33%
Keys of Elements 2 Companion Ability:While Master is resting -50%
Keys of Elements 1 Companion Ability:Mapping and Scouting -50%
Aelion Games Might from Bastion -50% -33%
Biological Hazard 2 Companion Ability:Personal Medic -50%
Biological Hazard 1 Companion Ability:Indispensable Assistant -50%
Ancient Bones Might from Bastion -50% -33%
Steel Giant 2 Divine Weapon:Flavius's Emitter -33%
Steel Giant Combat Mount:Goliath Heavy Combat Suit -33%
Wardens of Elements Might from Tower of Knowledge -50% -33%
Emerald Stream Artifact:Trewang's Idol -33%
Essence of God 2 Special Item:Resource Abundance -33%
Essence of God 1 Special Item:Alpha Euphomine Stimulant -33%
All for Science 2 Special Item:Cathedral Update -33%
All for Science 1 Might from Cathedral -50%
Oasis in the desert Artifact:Neuromodulation Implant -33%
Winter Heart Companion Ability:Great Spoils -50%
Children of Nihaz Artifact:Emblem of Nihaz -33%
Threat from the depths Might from Bastion -33%

Note! Any immortal that has reached the second region of the campaign can take part in this offer.
Please keep in mind that the 6th level of the Hall of Trophies has not yet been added to this sale.


Happy shopping!