Sale: Return of Rarities - July 3, 2020

Attention Immortals!

As you know, every few weeks special promo missions are made available in which you can deploy your faithful adapts across Aelion to complete various tasks and spread good works in your name!

Successfully completing these promo missions yields exclusive limited time rewards that can no longer be obtained once the promotion has ended. This can be kind of a bummer if you had your eyes set on a certain prize but didn’t quite complete the promo in time. Well good news friends! All hope is not lost. Some of these exclusive items have been recovered and placed on sale in the in-game market.

July 3 to July 10 will mark our latest Return of Rarities Sale in which a whole plethora of these exclusive promo-only costumes, transports, and companions will be available for a limited time in the in-game market.



Item Name Price (in Argents)
Ignis 4,000
Momo 4,000
Pilot Max 4,000
Garkun 4,000
Qi-Mi 3,000
Kora 4,000


Costumes & Accessories

Item Name Price (in Argents)
Hacker Costume 3,000
Aviator Costume 3,000
Blazing Visage 4,500
Grim Cloak 4,000
Path of Dawn Armor 4,500
Herida's Student Cloak 3,000
Traveler Attire 3,000
Cybernetician Costume 4,500
Noir Costume 3,000



Item Name Price (in Argents)
Researcher Mechasaur 6,500
Grim Warhorse 8,000
Thea-1 Walker 9,000
Exodus Walker 9,000
Twilight Viper 7,000

Don’t delay! Now’s your chance to finally get that rare item you’ve been after for so long!