Sale: Structure upgrades & Victor’s Medals

You have only recently started playing but feel ready to battle the generals of distortions? Or maybe you are short of resources to upgrade your Tower of Knowledge to its maximum level? Then this offer is for you!


From October 4th  to October 11th 1am PDT , unique items will be available for purchase in the Market! Scientific Development Projects and Pilgrimage Permits can help you improve your character’s progress by accelerating the development of your Cathedral and Tower of Knowledge. Your character will gain a significant bonus to Might.

Tower of Knowledge Development
7,000 Argents 14,000 Argents 21,000 Argents 35,000 Argents
+ 1 level + 2 levels + 3 levels + 5 levels
Pilgrimage Permit
7,000 Argents 14,000 Argents 21,000 Argents 35,000 Argents
+2,000 Followers + 4,000 Followers +6,000 Followers + 10,000 Followers

Accelerating structures’ progress allows you to save time and focus on your most important tasks. Like obtaining the best equipment or fighting the avatar of an invading army.
Each item can be purchased and activated only once! Players who have already upgraded the structure to its maximum level will get back part of the item’s cost.
Hurry! This is a limited-time offer! Happy shopping!

Victor's Medals Sale

Looking to expand the full potential of your Trophy Hall? We’re here to help make it a little easier with our Victor’s Medals discount sale!

From October 4th until October 11th, Victor’s Medals will be 30% off on the Market for all players!

Victor’s Medals are used for various aspects of the Trophy Hall that can increase the amount of might your Bastions provide, provide access to abilities, and many other possibilities!


Don’t let the opportunity slip by – stock up on your Victor’s Medals today!

Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!