Sale: Summer Costume Extravaganza

Word has spread about a great summer festival that will be held in Aelion. Everyone wants to look their best, so the best tailors and tinkerers of the land have come together and have bundled up the various versions of their fashion creations and are offering them for sale at the best prices ever, so the whole of Aelion can look fantastic when the festivities come.


Don’t miss this opportunity and stock up your wardrobe from August 23rd to August 30th with the following costume collections:

Collection Prize
Cowboy Costume Collection 2,500 Argents
MC costume Collection 2,400 Argents
MK2 Cyber Costume Collection 7,200 Argents
Regetta Costume Collection 480 Argents
Denim Costume Collection 480 Argents
Beach Costume Collection 2,400 Argents
Pedant Costume Collection 2,400 Argents
Hot Summer Costume Collection 2,400 Argents
Formal Clothes Collection 7,200 Argents
Hillbilly Rock Costume Collection 480 Argents
Swimsuit Collection 8,500 Argents
Street Fighter Costume Collection 480 Argents
Anarchy Costume Collection 480 Argents
Marginal Costume Collection 480 Argents
Biker Costume Collection 2,500 Argents

Don't wait until the last minute to introduce more variety into your wardrobe – Take on a new look for the Summer Season!