Skyforge Ascension Cinematic Trailer released, Open Beta Set to Arrive this Summer!


The Skyforge team is excited to announce that Open Beta for Skyforge will arrive in North America and Europe this summer! All up-and-coming Immortals are encouraged to join their fellow deities this summer on an epic journey towards becoming a god in Skyforge!

In celebration of this tremendous announcement, the team has forged a new cinematic trailer illustrating the journey of ascension a hero will take on his path to immortality and eventually, godhood!

As we move closer to the Open Beta, the team will continue to conduct a number of Closed Beta Tests, testing features, gathering data and feedback and scaling up the number of players invited into each event. Feedback from these CBT events is important to the development team and they’ll be collecting feedback and implementing changes based on player suggestions.

From all of us here on the Skyforge Team, we want to thank the community for its tremendous passion and support! We look forward to seeing you in the Open Beta!