Skyforge Closed Beta Client Download Now Available!

Immortals! The Skyforge Closed Beta Test 1 has started!

As our first CBT event, everyone invited to participate in this test will have the opportunity to explore the world of Aelion, unravel a fiendish plot against its citizens and rise to become a great immortal, all while providing the development team with meaningful feedback & suggestions needed to help shape Skyforge’s bright future.

As this is not the final version of the game, certain content and features are limited. As the CBT progresses we will evaluate our current testing goals and work towards implementing additional content as it becomes ready. Here are just some of the exciting adventures that await you in CBT1:

  • 5 Diverse classes to progress
  • 3 Open World areas to explore
  • 8 Solo adventures (which can also be completed with groups of your friends 1-3 players)
  • 2 Group (5 player) adventures
  • 2 PvP arenas

If you've signed up for the beta, be sure to check your email inbox to see if you've made it into this round of testing. You can see if you've already been granted access by checking your Skyforge profile page and looking for the silver beta badge.


As a reminder, players who have purchased a Founder’s Pack will have their accounts automatically enabled to join the CBT.

For this test, we’ll be providing one server for North America and one for European regions. The server for NA players is based in California, while EU players will connect to the server based in Amsterdam. For this initial test, the servers will open for players on March 11th at 7:00am PDT (3:00pm CET) and shutdown on March 18th at 2:00am PDT (10:00am CET). Skyforge will also be available to play in three languages: English, German or French! These options can be changed in the settings menu found on the games client at the top of the screen.


Players are able to select whichever region they’d prefer to play in, but characters cannot be transferred between regions.

Additional questions regarding Skyforge can be found by visiting the Official Skyforge FAQ.

We look forward to seeing you in the Closed Beta!