Skyforge Closed Beta Test 1 Now Live!

The Skyforge Closed Beta Test 1 has officially begun! Starting today, eligible beta participants can log into the world of Aelion and begin their journey towards becoming a god! For this initial CBT, the servers will remain online until the test concludes next Wednesday, March 18 at 2:00am PDT (10:00am CET). For details on what’s included in this Closed Beta Test and to download the CBT client, be sure to read our Skyforge Closed Beta Client Announcement.

We've also begun testing our new portal, which will be integrated into Skyforge and provide players with easy access to the latest game news, information on you and your friend's in-game activity, the ability to chat with your friends currently playing and of course, the new Skyforge forums. The portal is currently available to all CBT testers, and we'd like to encourage you to go explore the portal's potential and report to us if you've encountered any bugs.

If you're able to join us during this test, we'd like to encourage you to capture plenty of screenshots as you venture across Aelion and share them with us on the CBT forums. After the team gathers together the top submissions, the community as a whole will then vote on their favorites and the winners will be rewarded with divine prizes. For more information, visit the official CBT contest thread.

Additionally, we’d like to thank you, the community, for the overwhelming enthusiasm and support you’ve shown for Skyforge! With your help, more than 1,000,000 players have now heard about Skyforge and have registered to participate in Closed Beta events! This number is truly mind boggling and we feel it shows just how much you believe in the game’s potential and in our ability to deliver an outstanding gameplay experience.

From all of us on the Skyforge team,

Thanks! We look forward to seeing you in Skyforge!