Skyforge Closed Beta Test 2 Now Live!

The Skyforge Closed Beta Test 2 has officially begun! Eligible beta participants can now log into the world of Aelion and continue their journey towards becoming a god! During CBT2, the servers will be online for two weeks with the test concluding on Wednesday, April 8th at 2:00am PST (10:00am CET). For details on what’s included in this Closed Beta Test (including the special PvP activities), be sure to read our Skyforge CBT2 Announcement. If you are participating in the CBT2 and haven’t downloaded the Skyforge client yet, you can download it from the Skyforge Client Download page on If you've already downloaded the client during CBT1 there will be a small 88 MB patch which updates the game version to and contains localization fixes.

And don’t forget that we've begun testing Skyforge's new integrated social and information network, the Portal [NA/EU]. The Portal is integrated directly into Skyforge and provides players with easy access to the latest game news, information on you and your friend's recent in-game activities, the ability to chat with your friends currently in-game and of course, the new Skyforge forums. Accessible inside the game for from any web enabled device, it’s available to test now, and we encourage you to go explore its potential and report to us any bugs you happen to encounter.

If you’re planning on streaming your adventures or creating Skyforge videos for your YouTube channel we encourage you to share your Twitch and/or YouTube channel with us and the community!

From all of us on the Skyforge team,
Thanks! We look forward to seeing you in Skyforge!