Skyforge is coming to Xbox

Give your controller a brisk button-check and get ready to unleash godlike powers from your very fingertips – the Skyforge Console team is happy to announce that Skyforge is coming to Xbox!


Stand united in the defence of our home world, Aelion, as one of its chosen defenders (regardless of preferred gaming platform). Join other gods in the unending battle against alien invaders, swapping between fifteen different classes on a whim to counter all threats. In this action-packed free-to-play MMORPG, the path to god-hood is loaded with danger, so if words aren’t enough, sit back and enjoy a visual taste of what to expect as a new-born god:

Skyforge will be going live via Xbox on the 29th of November. Want to get started early? Then consider pre-ordering a Founders Pack – available from the 24th of October – which allows you to dive into the Skyforge Xbox experience as early as November 10th and rewards you with an exclusive Pre-Order Pack. Bear in mind that November 10th is also the day that the pre-order deal will expire (Founders Packs remain in the store until November 29th), so don’t delay!


No matter when you decide to become an Xbox god, we look forward to seeing you on the front-lines.


-The Skyforge Xbox Team

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