Skyforge First Anniversary & Anniversary Packs!

One year has passed since the release of Skyforge OBT and many of you were around at the very beginning. Together, you have welcomed updates, rejoiced at changes, pioneered new territories, won contests, and supported us when faced with sudden technical difficulties. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you interest in the game, for sticking with us, and helping make the world of Skyforge better. We will do everything to ensure that you can continue to watch the game evolve, influence changes, participate in game events, and most importantly, socialize & fight thrilling battles together!

To celebrate, we have a selection of wonderful activities, gifts, and more that will be available from July 13th to July 27th for all players!

Log In For Loot

It’s difficult to imagine a birthday without surprises – When you log into the game over the next few days, until the completion of the celebration, you will receive a series of wonderful gifts!

Skyforge Log In For Loot

Investigation of Dr. Argus

Dr. Argus has created an interactive panorama filled with various facts about Skyforge!
Simply find all 10 hidden items within the Lanber Forest landscape and, along with learning a few interesting facts, you will receive a special pin code. This code can be entered into the "Redeem a Promo Code" section on your user profile page and you will receive a unique costume & glider mount!

Skyforge Anniversary Panorama

Special Anniversary Pack Event

Obtain various collector's packs that were previously released up to 15% OFF!
Earn exclusive & uniquely colored costumes, add rare transport to your collection, master previously inaccessible classes, and replenish your stocks of game currency and useful consumables!

Skyforge Anniversary Packs

Developer Comments

The developers of Skyforge went into the game industry believing in their dreams, and working on this project has been a unique opportunity to create something that will bring joy and excitement. Two members of the Allods Team had a few things to say:

Developer Comments

Alexander Mishulin, Allods Head of Studio

We released Skyforge a year ago. Such an occasion is a good time to look at our results and talk about upcoming changes. And we will, of course, do that. But first of all, I would like to thank everyone who has been with us this past year. Thank you for fighting and conquering, for praising and criticizing, for not being indifferent and for wanting more.

In our first year, as is to be expected of a new project, we grew stronger and bigger. We battled, took part in operations and celebrated holidays. But it has not just been about growth, but also major events: we have witnessed the first Pantheon Tournament and defeated three avatars of great gods. The development of the game has not stopped there and you can expect many more innovations and changes in the second year.

Alexander Pankov, Allods Team Creative Director

It is hard to imagine that an entire year has passed.
Time flies very quickly when you are doing what you love. This year, the job I love has been particularly strenuous. We launched a game that was different to what we had done before, different to what we had played and unlike anything that we could "copy solutions" from. We broke stereotypes, familiar ideas about the genre, the boundaries of established gaming experience, and the game itself. Perhaps, we even broke the game itself too often this year. But it was worth it.

We cured many "chronic illnesses” of MMOs, learned about players and the industry from unexplored sides, and became trailblazers and pioneers in many solutions. We learned a lot and are now ready to be even bolder. The most important thing that we have learned from the feedback from players, statistics, test servers and features, working with community managers and support services is that you need to take risks and experiment. So the second year will bring many changes and challenges to Skyforge. And I can’t wait to share them with you!

A huge number of interesting events and remarkable changes awaits us all as we move forward with our journey. We wish you to never be complacent, to always strive to new heights and great goals. May your adventures always be exciting and entertaining, your enemies and obstacles worthy, your friends loyal and your exploits inspire legends. We endlessly value your support and are delighted with the invaluable contribution each of you makes to the history of this wonderful universe. The game's birthday is truly a celebration of its players, because Skyforge is you!
Happy Birthday, Skyforge Community!