Skyforge Livestream #5 CBT2: Shedding Light on Thetin Rift with the Lightbinder!

Tune in once again to see Skyforge’s Community Manager Michael “Spunky” Dunaway, Development Director Eric DeMilt and Lead Community Manager Drew Hahn shine some informative light on the Lightbinder – one of Skyforge’s trusty support class – as they illuminate the treacherous path through Thetin Rift.


Situated deep within the Lanber forest, Thetin Rift is a dangerous passageway which leads to one of the betrayer god Nerion’s Temples. There have been numerous sightings of vicious Mantides in the area, what threat does the rebel god Nerion have in store for Aelion?

No beta key? Don’t worry! Throughout the stream, the team will be randomly awarding keys to a number of lucky viewers – so don’t miss out!


When: March 26th @ 11:30am PDT (7:30pm CET)

Duration: ~1 hour

Miss the stream? Watch the full video below:

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