Skyforge Mechanics: Stats and Abilities

In Skyforge, we’ve tried to give players all the tools necessary to create a character that would best suit their play style and battle tactics. From a straight-forward gameplay perspective, you don't need to dive too deep into these mechanics, but if you have a mind to experiment with builds and different combinations of stats, Skyforge offers you a wide field of possibilities!

Each character in Skyforge has a set of specific stats that affect the amount of damage they deal, their maximum health, and that allow you to set up talents and skills according to your liking. Today, we’re going to explain the stats system and how to pick the best combination of talents and skills for your desired play style.


*Note: the names of some stats may change before the start of the OBT.

In order optimize your character, some stats requires the player to perform a certain action or meets specific conditions. For example, "Damage at a distance" will increase the damage dealt to enemies 20 or more yards away.

Regeneration mechanics are also interesting thanks to an internal counter which tracks how much damage your character takes during a certain time frame. If the character succeeds in not taking damage for a set amount of time, they will recover a percentage of the damage previously taken and then the counter is reset. Your character’s health is not restored instantly, and if the character happens to takes damage too early, it will not be restored at all, and the counter will be reset again.

So for example, if your character’s regeneration rate is 20% and the counter has recorded 100 points of damage, your character will recover 20 points of health. At that point, the counter is reset and the cycle repeats itself.

Accumulating Stats
Your character’s stats are primarily increased through the Ascension Atlas, your equipment, and by developing your Order, but some stats are related to specific classes. For example, a Berserker’s chain blade may have a new stat which augments how one of the Berserker’s abilities functions. In most cases though, these stats are common for all classes and remain unchanged when switching from one to another.

Advanced and special stats should be picked depending on what talents and weapon characteristics will be the highest priority for your preferred class and play style. So if you’re looking to complement your character’s Luck stat, which increases critical damage, you might want to choose items and stats with "Critical hit chance" to ensure you land critical blows on your opponents more often. This would be very useful for, say, the Berserker – since when their ability Thirst for Battle is active, the Berserker’s chance of inflicting critical damage is increased by 25%.

Both basic and secondary characteristics can be found spread out in nodes across the Ascension Atlas. By using sparks gained by completing adventures, winning in PvP-zones or completing tasks in open areas, you can unlock new nodes and gain additional stats.

Most of your equipment stats will come from rings, weapons and other upgrades that increase various aspects of your character's basic and advanced stats. Weapons and rings are obtained exclusively through adventures, while upgrades become available to players in one of the first locations. The information which stats it increases is displayed on each piece of equipment.

All equipment is divided into five rarity types - from common to legendary- and can be identified by their different colors: white, green, blue, purple and orange. At higher qualities, rings possess more modifiers, while weapons get specific characteristics pertaining to the certain class talents.


Selecting the right rings for your character is part of the process of creating a unique build since each ring can possess two advanced stat modifiers. When the player chooses what rings to equip, they can elect to collect rings with all four stats, or they can select two or three stats to divide among their rings. Rings can be improved as well, further increasing their effectiveness.


Additional stats can be obtained by developing your Order. As you appoint your adepts as patrons of provinces, improve temples, build chapels and monuments, you’ll be able to choose from special bonuses unique to each territory.

To unlock these bonuses, you’ll build a chapel in each province and attach several altars to it. Each of these altars will give you a certain stat. You can easily switch between these altars when not in combat, but only one altar per chapel can be active at a time, which means only one active bonus per region. The patrons that you appoint to each of the eight provinces of Aelion will be watching over the chapels, providing additional bonuses to your max health. By improving the temple and monuments, you’ll also increase your character’s basic stats.


To recap, the player receives the following stats from their order:
- Might from temples
- Stamina from monuments
- Health bonuses from patrons
- Select bonuses from each altar.

By spending some time learning about the various stats available to your character, you’ll be able to better understand how you can improve and adapt them to face the challenges Skyforge sets before you. As you switch between classes to participate in PvP, venture into a group dungeon or explore a new open-world area, you’ll be able to accentuate the specific capabilities of your character’s builds, manage your talents, unlock new stats and swap out those you no longer need. Together, these stat choices make your path towards divinity even more creative and exciting!