Skyforge "Name that Critter" Community Contest Finalists Announced!

The first phase of our Skyforge “Name that Critter” Community Contest has come to an end and it’s time to announce our five finalists! We had an absolutely astounding turnout and received over 400 name suggestions! That’s the most entries we've ever had in any community contest to date and we have you, the community, to thank for that!!

Skyforge Critter

As you can imagine, with so many members participating, it was difficult to narrow down the finalists to just five. Ultimately, we chose the finalists based on creativity and how well we felt the names fit in with Skyforge’s overall tone. Here are the winning entries:

Loryx – curtisan0
Echoori – TonyJaa
Koaroo – Vhaalion
Moguru – Predictable4rc
Ceryni - Taschendiebin

Now it’s your turn to choose which of these five finalists will go on to have their entry chosen as the critter’s official name! To vote, all you have to do is leave your choice as a reply to this thread. On December 30th the winning entry will be announced! Additionally, five random participants will have their accounts granted access to future Skyforge closed beta events!

Rules & Regulations:
- Votes must be submitted as a reply to this topic on the forum
- Using multiple accounts to submit additional entries is prohibited. Anyone found using multiple accounts will be disqualified and their second account will be permanently banned from the forum
- The winning name will be announced on December 30th along with the five randomly selected winners