Skyforge Overgrowth PTS Update

A new class has been added to the game! Go to the Panthean Plateau and discover the Grovewalker Temple!


Please keep in mind that the work on the druid is not done and the final version might differ from what you are playing today. This covers the damage output, description of abilities, resources spent for abilities and any interfaces.

Sparks of Transformation

For the testing period all Sparks of Transformation items, have had their spark amounts adjusted.

  • 20,000 Sparks of Transformation for Purple capsules
  • 10,000 Sparks of Transformation for Blue sark capsules
  • 5,000 Sparks of Transformation for Green capsules

Feel free to use these capsules to gain quick and easy access to the Grovewalker!


Achievements have been added to the game, click "Shift + T" to open it!



Titles have been added to the game. The title will appear next to your avatar name. Titles can be changed in the style room. More on this system will be available in the near future. But only players who've already gotten titles will see this interface in the character menu.

Adventure difficulties

New adventure difficulties have been implemented. After receiving divine form, you will be able to select from three different adventure challenges:

  • Warm-up
  • Challenge
  • Nightmare


More information about this system will be available in coming updates.

Known Issues:

  • Players who are in Hostile Territories at the time of deployment for the patch, you need to go to another adventure and then return to begin to progress for the achievements: "Provoker" and "God of provocation".
  • When trying to get into a group adventure of heroic complexity, which is still closed in time, an error appears without an inscription