Skyforge Producer's Letter : High Prestige Content Update

Greetings Immortals,

Over the past few months, the Skyforge Team has been hard at work ensuring everything is properly constructed for the start of Open Beta. This task was accomplished through many late nights of testing core features, fixing substantial bugs, and applying additional polish where it was needed.

In addition to all the effort that’s been occurring to improve content within the game itself, we’ve been vigorously working behind the scenes in both our North American and European offices. All of this work behind the curtain, happening right now, is to ensure the game is adequately prepared for the release of our next major patch!

This update is a major milestone for Skyforge and is intended to bring players the much needed challenges to undertake with like-minded allies or Pantheon members! These additions offer a variety of content to complete ensuring there’s always a different activity available! Here’s a sample of some of the major content being added in the next version :


Using their special dedicated analyzer, Pantheons can mark spatial distortions on the tactical globe of the divine observatory, allowing a group of ten players from their Pantheon to instantly teleport to the enemy's lair. They will be faced with four powerful opponents, one after another, in an ancient arena. As a reward for their triumphant victory, these groups receive unique Epic weapons, other valuable trophies, and also advance towards the next stages of their character’s divine form.


While Pantheons seek out hidden hostiles in Distortions, the enemies of Aelion prepare their own invasions! Every able-bodied defender will now be involved in keeping the ruthless Invaders at bay as invasions are large scale events that affect all players. Successfully battling through each stage of the invasions will allow significant progress to be made through the Divine Atlas due to rewards and bonuses which are not counted towards the weekly limits.


Anomalies are activities for five players and take place in a large open area that can be accessed by several groups at the same time. Tessa's Sanctuary acts as a rallying point near the Anomalies as well as a place where gods wishing to join in on these adventures congregate. Anomalies can gain players Ether Resonators which in turn are converted into Sparks for the Ascension Atlas or a number of other Epic rewards. With this new challenge, an essential stat comes into play - Tactical Sense. This statistic is used to triumph over the enemies powerful defenses.


Ten valiant gods will explore two unique and incredible Adventures designed to test them against the strongest creatures on Aelion: The Mechanoid Ship & Operation Isabella. Raids are serious challenges for players seeking high-end PvE content and act as a source for increasing the Tactical Sense statistic.

Divine Form

Certain heroic deeds are beyond the abilities of both mortals and immortals alike. For these activities, you will need to ascend to your rightful place as a God and progress through the newly unlocked Divine Atlas. Players will need to complete the "New God" Storyline quest which becomes available at ~30,500 Prestige to unlock access to the Divine Form.

Aelinet Improvements

In order to assist all Immortals on their ascension to divinity, we have made improvements to allow management of your Order through the Aelinet! Additionally, we'll be aiming to restore the Aelinet chat integration and resolve our pantheon issues by the time we reach our release of the next version patch.

Patch Release Date

We’ve heard from many of you who are anxious to know when features included in this patch will be implemented. This update contains significantly more fixes and improvements than we could reasonably share in this letter – We will soon publish detailed patch notes along with a specific time and date you can expect this updates arrival. You will not have to wait too much longer to experience this update and all the important changes that come with it!


Our schedule has proven demanding but rest assured we will be working towards resolving several other requests provided by the community and will address them in separate topics. To name only a few here: chat filtering, forum titles, various other bugs, etc.

I’d like to thank everyone again for their interest, support and enthusiasm for Skyforge! As of Friday afternoon, 7/24, we have added both software and hardware updates to our North American servers. The NA server is now looking and performing in a much healthier manner and is capable of handling more players. On Saturday, we provided all accounts with 3 days of Premium status to compensate for the 3 days that we experienced excessive login and latency issues as well as the extended downtime required to fix them.

Open Beta is a huge step for us, but it is not the last. Skyforge will continue to expand and improve as we move forward, thanks to the ongoing efforts of our developers and community.

From all of us here on the Skyforge Team, Thank you!

-Aaron "Legatus" Biedma
-North American Skyforge Producer –