Skyforge PS4 Release Date!

Take a seat, give your controller a quick button-check and prepare to unleash godly powers from your very fingertips – literally! The Skyforge Console team is happy to announce that the PS4 version of Skyforge will be heading your way on the 11th of April, allowing players to stand united in the defence of our home world, Aelion, regardless of preferred platform, so sit back and enjoy a small taste of what to expect on your path to god-hood as one of its chosen defenders.

Want to get started early? Then consider one of the three Early Adopter Packs, each allowing you to get stuck in as early as March 28th!
Note: Early Adopter Packs will be available from the March 28th on the PlayStation Network store.

We’re also giving away a celebratory “Immortal Pack” (totally free) via the official PS4 website for aspiring gods and Immortals to grab, so don’t forget to head on over and claim your prize before beginning your console adventure across the beautiful world of Aelion.


No matter when you decide to become a console god, we look forward to seeing you on the front-lines.

-The Skyforge Console Team