Skyforge: The road ahead


After the rhythm has struck all of our bones and the good vibes of the Soundweaver have swung through the air, we are looking a the new horizons that lay ahead of us.
We are still amidst the fights and investigations of the anomaly in the sky and puzzling together its origins.

This year we have many new adventures planned for you immortals. Let’s take a look at the roadmap.


The Soundweaver was released early December and players can expect to see more bug fixes and adjustments for the class coming in the next weeks.

Swarming two new Distortions, the Mantides were unleashed for all players. You can read more about it here.

At the end of January, the invasion of the Oceanids will come to a close and all immortals can prepare themselves already for a new Season and the Reapers of Death invasion. Stay tuned for more!


Additionally, with the next invasion, the equipment system will undergo several major changes. We originally announced in November for the Oceanid Invasion but took a step back as the first tests yielded not the expected results and will be released with the Reaper Invasion instead. You can read more about it here.


The Pantheon War will be ending on all platforms in mid-February! March with your allies to battle and claim victory. Remember that the winners will be paid out the big Compendium Prizepool!
Immortals on XBOX will receive Thea and can start working on their Aelerium-9 stocks and our PS4 players will be able to claim their Pantheon Banners.


The Valentines Day will hold the “Mysteries of Love ” on all platforms. Immortals will be able to unlock new fashionable items! More details will follow soon.


In our first roadmap, we announced a new planet coming in February. Due to the size of the planet, the endeavour became bigger than we could have expected and had to delay the update until March.


This update will hold many new additions starting with the aforementioned new planet and enemy race to new objectives and resources!


We are excited to share all the details of what's coming soon!

Immortals - see you star side!