Skyforge: Roadmap Q4


The whole world is following the developments in the Space Program. It has been Flavius's long-cherished dream to repeat Aeli's journey to distant stars. And soon it will come true. The revolutionary discovery of interstellar travel by means of space-time wormholes made it possible. A new interstellar tunnel has recently been found, but where does it lead?

Among the distant stars, the gods will find a habitable planet. The immortals will embark on a dangerous expedition deep into a hostile territory to uncover ancient secrets and mysteries!


Get ready to face a new enemy! A mighty army occupies the surface of the planet under the auspices of a great god who is not yet known to the people of Aelion.

There are also new distortions of an army the immortals are already familiar with. Prepare to challenge the strongest members of the Mantide race! Are you up for it?

Familiar adventures will be transformed and will surprise the gods with new challenges and rewards!

Along with a powerful enemy, the immortals will gain an unexpected ally. Someone whose true destiny has only just come to light!


The update will be installed in two stages. During the first one, in December, the immortals will gain new allies, travel to Mantide distortions and participate in another exciting adventure.


During the second stage, in February next year, a new planet will become available. The immortals will encounter members of a new hostile race and face new challenges in already familiar adventures.

Prepare for the journey that begins this year!